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Kit55, the Website Builder for SEO

Kit55 app builds your HTML templates automatically as you work with them. No more fiddling with the command line to build your site.

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Optimize SEO as you build your site

Monitor SEO metrics and Keyword reports while you work on your site. Get instant feedback and cut development time. Kit55 is the best website builder with SEO optimization integrated. Kit55 SEO Reports cover the most important metrics for Search Engine Optimization.

Dead simple Multilingual Sites

Working with Multiple Languages becomes as easy as toggling a switch.

Kit55 Text Extraction Tool pulls out all text from your HTML pages and stores it in JSON files that can be easily translated.


Kit55 does all the boring stuff for you.

Jinja2 out of the box

Kit55 comes with Jinja2 / Nunjucks built in, one of the best templating system in the industry. Unlike WordPress or most CLI solutions out there, Kit55 supports template inheritance.

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Multilingual Sites

Create a multilingual version of your site in just one click thanks to Kit55's magical Text Extraction Tool and Micro CMS.

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Dev Server & Hot reloading

See changes in your page as you make them. Kit55 will refresh your browser when you save your edits or when it detects changes in templates you use.

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Why you should use Template Inheritance to organize your website pages

What templates can I use?

Kit55 supports Jinja2 / Nunjucks templates, one of the best templating system in the industry.

A website has always HTML snippets that are present in many pages, like a menu, a header or a footer.

With Kit55 and Jinja2 you can store those blocks in separate files and reference them from your HTML pages.

Simplify and clean up your templates

Cut down on boilerplate in your html templates and simplify your file structure.

Unlike WordPress or most CLI solutions out there, Kit55 supports template inheritance. Template Inheritance is the most powerful way of organizing your website.

It makes working with templates efficient and boilerplate minimal.

Dev Server & Hot reloading

Kit55 renders your HTML projects running a small web server. No more CORS issues when developing in local. Automatically detects new files. No need to resort to running a web server in the command line like SimpleHTTPServer or similar.


Stack55 Advanced Tools

Contact us if you require a more powerful solution or support for multi language site generation at scale. Our Advanced Tools are best in class. Send us an email to request a demo .