Frequently Asked Questions

What templates can I use?

Kit55 supports Jinja2/Nunjucks HMTL templates out of the box.

What is the difference between a page and a template?

Both are HTML files, and both can contain Jinja2/Nunjucks markup. Templates are fragments of an HTML page (i.e., a footer, a header, a hero banner) and Kit55 can identify them when they are named with the extension .tpl.html.

Pages just use the extension .html and can contain templates. Kit55 only shows pages in its UI. Templates and other files are not visible in the app.

When you select a project in the GUI, Kit55 will scan all your projects' folders and will show all the pages that will be built.

Kit55 ships with a very simple sample project that you can use as a reference.

How does Kit55 build my site?

Kit55 searches for projects under Documents/kit55/projects (1), so copy your project there. Kit55 will take all your pages from /src and will merge the templates code in them, generating new pure HTML pages that will be saved in /dist. Those new pages will replace template references with the code of the template file itself.

What happens to my images, javascript, css and other files I need for my site?

Kit55 will copy all those files (all files not ending in .html) under /dist, preserving the same structure found in /src. That way your site will be able to render images and reference other files like css or js, given that you reference those files to the root folder.

Do I need a local web server to work on my website?

Some websites won't run properly if you open them as local files. This can be due to a variety of reasons, the most likely being browsers not running async requests if you just run your site from local files. To get around the problem of async requests, you need to run the website through a local web server.

Kit55 provides a small web server built-in.

A local server will also help you prevent cross origin errors that happen when developing in local, like the infamous "Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP".

(1) Your project has to be located under Documents/kit55/projects.

/src is located in projects/<your project>/src and /dist is located in projects/<your project>/dist.